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The Marwari Horse
Showcasing the best of the breed

The History of the Marwari at Rohet
The family's passion for horses goes back generations. Some of the greatest names in the long and glorious history of Marwar were born to this distinguished family, and the Jagir (fiefdom) of Rohet was granted to the greatest amongst them for his exemplary bravery in numerous military campaigns under the Rathore banner . In the modern era the name of Thakur Dalpat Singh II stands tall as a legendary polo player and horseman. A member of one of the greatest teams of its era, the Jodhpur Polo Team, Dalpat Singhji played a pivotal role in the Jodhpur team's many victories. Today Rohet Garh has emerged as great patrons of their own horse, the Marwari! The indigenous horse of the Thar desert! Endowed with sublime beauty and an honest 'never say die' spirit, it is a bold and fearless horse, magnificent in confirmation and loyal unto death. It was the brave Rajput warrior's mighty charger, which was capable of tearing fearlessly into the enemy, rearing up on war elephants in order to let its master strike the foe seated upon it, or jumping off fort ramparts, and jumping rivers with a severed hind leg to save its master's life by sacrificing its own! In the annals of Rajput history, these horses are as famous as their masters, and their names have been forever immortalized.

Equestrian Program at Rohet Garh

Today Rohet Garh boasts of one of the finest stables of the Marwari horse in the country. This horse's sensitive but honest disposition and its beautiful, free-flowing gait make it a delight to ride. The owner himself beautifully schools the horses at Rohet Garh. And by offering riding to our guests, we present a special opportunity to the intrepid horseman to experience and cherish this beautiful horse.

Rohet Garh is proud to introduce an extensive tailor-made equestrian program ranging from a full day's riding to a six days'/six nights' riding safari exploring the region of western Rajasthan around Rohet. Apart from offering a superb riding experience on beautiful horses, it is also a great cultural experience, which gives a deep insight into the rich culture and traditions of this region of Marwar, as well as offering great game- viewing opportunities. (The reaction of antelopes and other animals in the wild is altogether different when approached on horseback!) This region of western Rajasthan makes for almost perfect riding country with its semi-arid shrub and bush vegetation, wide, open spaces and soft terrain. All itineraries are carefully selected so that riding on tarmac roads is totally eliminated. Passing through delightful small villages and Dhanis (settlements), and with the family's special relationship with the local village people, our guests have the unique opportunity to access every village and home they pass, and experience the legendary hospitality and warmth of the people of Marwar. It makes an almost overwhelming cultural experience.

In spite of the region being quite dry and arid, it is surprisingly rich in wildlife. Herds of the rare and famous Black Buck antelope, the Blue Bull antelope, and the petite Chinkara are common viewing on our rides. The region is also very rich in bird life with over 200 different species to be sighted.

The itineraries are tailor-made to the requirement of our guests, keeping riding ability and time duration in mind. Overnight accommodation provided during the rides is mostly in luxury tents! The tents are furnished with two full-sized beds, luggage stands, lounge chairs and tables, with a change of sheets and towels every day. The attached bathrooms are special, as there is running water, with flushable toilets, regular washbasins, and showers! All this in a mobile camp! Our own 'Wilderness Camp' luxury tents are also used in all our riding programs, apart from that, two charming heritage properties-Fort Chanwa, Luni and Sardar Samand Palace, Pali-are a perfect day's ride from Rohet Garh.

  • Distance covered in a day could vary between 20 km to 40 km.
  • Lunch is served during the ride, which is really a grand picnic with crisp covers and fine crockery.
  • Although we provide riding hats, guests are recommended to carry their own riding gear.
  • The tack and saddlery used is regular 'English'.
  • All meals and soft beverages are inclusive in the cost. Alcoholic beverages, however, are extra.
  • Basic riding ability is necessary for our programs. Guests should be comfortable putting the horse through its paces .
  • Best season is October to March.